Sometimes We Don’t Always Like God’s Answers

Some We Don't Always Like God's Answers - anchor of promise

Have you ever prayed that God would change your teen at any cost?  Have you begged God to intervene in your child’s life because you were so desperate to rescue them?  I have.

Were you surprised in how God answered those requests?  We’re you even asking yourself, “What was God thinking?”

I often have to remind myself that I am not God.  I cannot read my teen’s mind.  I do not know the heart of my teen.  I have no knowledge of their future.  The only one that can do all of this is the one and true God, our Heavenly Father.

What I do know is that He sometimes allows more pain within the answer.  “Why would He do that,” you may ask?

That is the hardest part for us as parents to grasp.  Our teen is already hurting and because of our prayers, it’s as though more pain comes. Continue reading

When Will My Journey End?

When Will My Journey End - Anchor of Promise

For many parents with a teen who is struggling or in crisis, it seems that the road they are traveling on is much like the Great Wall of China.  The question most often asked, “When will this be over?” can resonate in a big way when it relates to that very distinctive road.

The journey for many is long and tiring, filled with highs and lows and twisted turns that are not expected.  It involves strength when many parents feel so weak.  Sometimes there is confusion and frustration if a parent is wondering if they are doing the right thing or going in the right direction. Continue reading


Christ came for the broken, the hurting, the imperfect.  He came also to heal your hurting and struggling teen in crisis.  Through the dark days, God is our Hope, our Light to guide through the unknown.   There will come a day in which disorders, mental illness and addictions will be no more.  God’s love will WIN. Pain and suffering will be gone FOREVER.  In this I can say HALLELUJAH!

I Will Trust in You

It’s hard us parents to see the dreams we have for our teens fading away when they are in crisis and are not doing what we had hoped for.  We are in constant battle.  Either keeping them alive, moving forward, or finding healing, this is what we are aiming for.

Sometimes we run into mountains or waters so deep that it is hard to stay afloat.  And there are times when we are crying out for answers and nothing comes.  What do you do then?  TRUST!

God is the only Rock we can stand on, the only strength we can rely on.  He is the ONLY one that has ways higher than ours, plans for the good of our teens who are hurting.  He sees ALL.  He knows ALL!

TRUST!  That is all He is asking of us.  It is in that trust we find hope. healing, clarity, faith, and TRUST!

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5