Christ came for the broken, the hurting, the imperfect.  He came also to heal your hurting and struggling teen in crisis.  Through the dark days, God is our Hope, our Light to guide through the unknown.   There will come a day in which disorders, mental illness and addictions will be no more.  God’s love will WIN. Pain and suffering will be gone FOREVER.  In this I can say HALLELUJAH!

I Will Trust in You

It’s hard us parents to see the dreams we have for our teens fading away when they are in crisis and are not doing what we had hoped for.  We are in constant battle.  Either keeping them alive, moving forward, or finding healing, this is what we are aiming for.

Sometimes we run into mountains or waters so deep that it is hard to stay afloat.  And there are times when we are crying out for answers and nothing comes.  What do you do then?  TRUST!

God is the only Rock we can stand on, the only strength we can rely on.  He is the ONLY one that has ways higher than ours, plans for the good of our teens who are hurting.  He sees ALL.  He knows ALL!

TRUST!  That is all He is asking of us.  It is in that trust we find hope. healing, clarity, faith, and TRUST!

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5

The Envoy Group


Envoy Group - Anchor Of Promise

Your child is a mess.  They have been in crisis after crisis, getting worse along the way.  You’ve tried every avenue to help your teen, leaving you tired, weary, and frustrated.  You have met a lot of opposition during the journey.  In some cases, your teen’s crisis escalated as their behaviors became more risky and dangerous.  For some of you, different treatment places didn’t help but maybe they have given you more turmoil for your family.  Whatever the case, this story is for you.  Meet some parents whose teen struggled with a few problems which catapulted into something bigger than they could handle.  This is their story.  I pray that you find a sense of hope in your own situation by seeking out more of The Envoy Group.



Silence. - Anchor Of Promise

It’s been days, weeks, months, and for some of you…years. Still you wait. You wonder if God even hears you. You have prayed and prayed and now have come to a dreaded conclusion in your mind. You have started to doubt in God.

You imagine God lowering His head to listen to every word of desperation that comes out of your mouth. You beg God to please heal your son or daughter.


Did God not care? Did He find someone else to help instead of my broken family? Why is He making me wait so long to see healing? Continue reading

Desperate Parents Who Think They Are Helping Their Teen

Desperate Parents Who Think They Are Helping Their Teen - Anchor Of Promise

In the news recently was the mother who tried to buy a baby for her 14 year-old daughter who desperately wanted a child. Despite the fact of how very wrong this was, I did have some understanding of why this mother made the choices that she did.

When you see your child hurting, you as the parent only want the pain to go away. Maybe you have tried other methods to help erase the deep agony that your child is in. Not finding the way to ease their pain, you take matters into your own hands. Desperation can so easily lead to a distorted approach in finding healing.

You may be a parent whose child is so stressed out that they start to smoke cigarettes. You don’t want them to suffer the possible effects of cancer down the line so you look the other way after you mention other things that are less harmful, although illegal, as if giving permission without giving permission.

Then there’s the young boy who was caught looking at half nude women on the internet and you passed it off as the ‘coming of age’ and let it go. In the meanwhile, his curiosity becomes an obsession that grows into a full-blown porn addiction. You’ve talked to him many times about the issue but in the end, you give in and ignore the now massive problem and hope he grows out of it. Continue reading