Why Setting Aladdin Free is Wrong

Why Setting Aladdin Free is Wrong - Anchor Of Promise

I have been really shocked and appalled at the media and Hollywood for making statements such as “Aladdin, you are now free!” after the death of Robin Williams.

This statement sends a very wrong message to our struggling teens who are in crisis.  When in despair, such wording as this gives them permission to kill themselves in order to be set free.  Instead, those accountable for this message should have responded with help support lines for those in crisis.  But unfortunately they did not do the responsible thing.

If we don’t want our children and teens to follow in Robin’s footsteps then we need to take a step up and get them the help they need.  If we can offer AA buddies for accountability and encouragement and help, we should also be able to provide that same kind of support for our teens.  Not a pass that says you can kill yourself and everyone is okay with it. Continue reading