A Mother’s Love

A Mother's Love - Anchor Of Promise

Moms across this nation are faced with a family in crisis – mainly their teen or young adult.  That crisis comes in the form of addiction, mental illness, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, and many more problematic issues.  

Along with those crises, are tsunami size emotions.  Moms are especially hit hard with these emotions because it is part of a mother’s make-up of who we are as a woman.  God specifically made us that way so that we could connect more intimately with those around us, such as our children.  

When we think of “mother” we think of words such as – compassionate, loving, forgiving, kind, and selfless.  However, when a mother is confronted with a child in crisis, those descriptions change to a mother who is sad, angry, hurt, worried, and stressed.  Combine all of those descriptions and emotions and you have a mother whose is fighting a major battle for her child’s life.

That battle for that mother uses special tools –  Counseling, therapy, reading of His Word and PRAYER!  It is hard, and tough with a lot of sweat and tears and also some insanity.   Continue reading

A Real Mother

A Real Mother - Anchor Of Promise
For the mom with a teen in crisis, Mother’s Day is often a day that she wants to forget. But that is difficult to do when all she sees are the loving Mother’s Day ads on television or hears wonderful accolades from other children to their mothers.

Instead, she sits there with tears in her eyes because her son sits in the mental hospital due to a suicidal attempt or a daughter who does drugs and has run away for the third time not knowing if she is alive or dead.
It is true stories like these that hit hard to the heart of a mom who is barely able to get through each day as she worries, is hurting, and wonders if she will ever have that relationship you would see in the emotional Hallmark commercials.

Today, I want to tell you what a real mother is. Continue reading