When It Is Difficult To See God In Your Crisis

Imagine yourself on the sea, running into a fog so thick, even with your hand in front of you, it is not in view.  How can you guide yourself across the ocean and make it to your final destination? 

Fear runs into your veins as you navigate the waters.  Questions go through your mind. What could be in front of me that I cannot visually see?  Do I turn left, right, or keep straight? Do I take in the sails to slow down or redirect and turn around? Do I drop the anchor to stay still and wait for the fog to pass?

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Sisterhood of Hurting Moms

Sisterhood of Hurting Moms - Anchor Of Promise


Last year I took the plunge and joined an online chat group that consisted of moms just like me.  This wasn’t your normal chat group that most would think about.  

In fact, we didn’t come to just chat, share stories, and make promises as if we were back in time like the sisterhood of the traveling pants.  No, we came to do something bigger and more profound that would affect the lives of our family, especially our children.   Continue reading