Remember the Fathers

Remember the Fathers - Anchor of Promise

It’s Father’s Day. For many dads who have teens or young adults in crisis, this is a day they wish would be quickly over. It is a reminder of the pain, the heartache that they have endured with their child. The disappointments, the stress, the sadness, the devastation, and especially the failure that they feel because their daughters or sons are living a life of destruction.

Yes, Father’s Day is very difficult. Today, I think of the father in Charleston who had to call the police on his son who took the lives of nine people praying in a church. I can only imagine the gut wrenching agony he is feeling this day.
I am neither a man nor a father, but I have often seen the sadness and self-blame my husband has carried when our children made some very bad choices in their life. The failure he felt and the regrets he burdened himself with is something no father wants to carry.

However, our Heavenly Father does understand. Continue reading

Is Glide Safe For Your Teen?

Is Glide Safe For Your Teen - Anchor Of Promise

There is a new Phone Video App that is out called Glide.  Teens are already getting hooked to this new app because it is the new wave of texting using video.  You make a video using your phone app, then post it to your friend or group and they respond by making a video of themselves.  It is video conversation.  Your friend or group must also have the same app to make it work.

However, there are some major issues that I see already.  I contacted Glide to let them know of my concerns in how teens would use this app – mainly for sexting/porn images passed back and forth, whether or not it can be downloaded to a PC, and if that video image could be passed on to someone else outside of the friend/group listing.  This was their response. I have highlighted the concerns that every parent should have.

Thank you for contacting Glide Support!
Although we do monitor the application for users who send unsolicited offensive videos, we cannot control and are not responsible for any content sent on Glide. See out license agreement for more details (
Videos that are sent in a one to one or group thread can only be viewed by that person or members of the group. However, videos can be forwarded on to other Glide users. Users do not have the ability to download and save Glide videos at this time.
Got questions? We’ve got answers! Please check out our FAQ at
Have a great day,
– The Glide Team

So basically the answer is this – They are not going to sit there and monitor every single video and are not going to take any responsibility for those who use it, especially if minors use it.  They did say that you need to have parental permission under the age of 13, but personal security and protection of a child is lax for sure.

The other issue that brings major attention is the fact that videos can be forwarded to other Glide users outside of the group.  It only takes one friend or one in the group to send that image to their list of friends or groups.

That is where this danger lies even more.  Can you imagine a teen who sends a sext video message and that image gets forwarded to others.  That is called Porn.  You can get in legal trouble for posting it and sending it or forwarding it.  A teen’s life can be destroyed if their inappropriate video is passed on.

Parents, please sit down and discuss this serious issue with them.  Too many teens have insecure issues about their bodies and peer pressure is at an all time high to do daring things.

Don’t “Glide” over this app.  Talk to your teens and let them know how dangerous this can be.

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If an Adult Doesn’t Like to Be Humiliated, Why on Earth Do We Think a Child Does?

If an Adult Doesn't Like to be Humiliated, Why on Earth Do We Think a Child Does? Anchor of Promise

Recently a father went on Facebook to air out his anger as well as actions in what he thought would be a good lesson for his daughter to learn after breaking some rules.

Of course the post went viral with tons of responses, but while I read his comment about the circumstances, other issues came to mind about what was not shared on that very public day.

I certainly understand why this father (Kevin Jones) was upset in his discovery. However, there was a key line in his Facebook message that popped out to me that we as parents should take heed to.


I drew my attention to one line that revealed something that maybe others didn’t pick up. “I uncovered that she had been doing this for quite some time.” Continue reading

He Said All the Right Things That Changed Her Life

He Said All the Right Things That Changed Her Life - Anchor Of Promise

She had a huge crush on the boy. She was only 9 but he was much older. A mere 14 years of age but old enough to know what he was doing. Picking up on the fact that she didn’t feel good about herself, he honed in on her crush and took advantage of it.

Opportunities presented themselves in which on-line chats were formed. He told her how pretty she was and that no one would love her the way he did. He said all the right words for her to hear. Feeling so unworthy at such a young age, she soaked up the praises being bestowed upon her and was willing to do anything in return for his devotion.

Then it happened. This day she could do something for him. This was not how she wanted to make him happy, but she felt obligated because he was so kind to her.

“I want you to take off your shirt,” he said. She balked at the idea because it felt so wrong to her. But then, she had changed her mind. Why? “If you don’t do this, I will kill you and your family. I have done a lot for you. I’m your master now. You have no one but me because I know the real you. So do what I say,” he threatened. Continue reading