Desperate Parents Who Think They Are Helping Their Teen

Desperate Parents Who Think They Are Helping Their Teen - Anchor Of Promise

In the news recently was the mother who tried to buy a baby for her 14 year-old daughter who desperately wanted a child. Despite the fact of how very wrong this was, I did have some understanding of why this mother made the choices that she did.

When you see your child hurting, you as the parent only want the pain to go away. Maybe you have tried other methods to help erase the deep agony that your child is in. Not finding the way to ease their pain, you take matters into your own hands. Desperation can so easily lead to a distorted approach in finding healing.

You may be a parent whose child is so stressed out that they start to smoke cigarettes. You don’t want them to suffer the possible effects of cancer down the line so you look the other way after you mention other things that are less harmful, although illegal, as if giving permission without giving permission.

Then there’s the young boy who was caught looking at half nude women on the internet and you passed it off as the ‘coming of age’ and let it go. In the meanwhile, his curiosity becomes an obsession that grows into a full-blown porn addiction. You’ve talked to him many times about the issue but in the end, you give in and ignore the now massive problem and hope he grows out of it. Continue reading