This is NOT What I Prayed For

This is NOT What I Prayed For - Anchor Of Promise


Have you ever asked God to intervene in your teen’s life at any cost?  Have you ever been desperate enough to give God choices to remedy the crisis?  When the answer came, were you prepared for how God handled it?

When I was in one of those situations, I prayed, by giving God two choices that I asked for thinking those requests would rectify the problem.  However, when the answer came, it was what I had asked, but way more than what I had planned, wanted or could handle.

In fact, the answer that I received was heartbreaking, devastating, scary, painful, and wishing that I had never prayed the prayer that I did.  I don’t think that I had ever cried so much or been so fearful of what was presented to me from that answer. Continue reading

Prayer for Prodigals

Prayer for Prodigals- Anchor Of Promise


Today, June 2nd, is the annual Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigals.  Do you  have a son or daughter who has strayed from God?  Are they in a place that is far from you physically, mentally or spiritually?  Are they running away from the very things that can bring them healing?  Are they trapped in addictions, lifestyles, illnesses and disorders that have pulled themselves away from you and God?

Thousands of parents across the world are praying, hoping, longing to have their children come back.  In God’s Word, Jesus shares a parable of a lost son in Luke 15:11-32.  I believe this parable was shared because Jesus knew many of us parents would struggle with worry and despair over our own lost children.  This parable gives such hope and encouragement.

No matter what situation your sons or daughters are in, God is the God of hope, restoration, and healing.  He can move in ways that we cannot see, shine light in the darkness and set the captive (our children) free.  In order for those to happen is to pray.  Pray! Pray! and Pray!  Even when you  feel all is lost and little hope….PRAY! Continue reading