If an Adult Doesn’t Like to Be Humiliated, Why on Earth Do We Think a Child Does?

If an Adult Doesn't Like to be Humiliated, Why on Earth Do We Think a Child Does? Anchor of Promise

Recently a father went on Facebook to air out his anger as well as actions in what he thought would be a good lesson for his daughter to learn after breaking some rules.

Of course the post went viral with tons of responses, but while I read his comment about the circumstances, other issues came to mind about what was not shared on that very public day.

I certainly understand why this father (Kevin Jones) was upset in his discovery. However, there was a key line in his Facebook message that popped out to me that we as parents should take heed to.


I drew my attention to one line that revealed something that maybe others didn’t pick up. “I uncovered that she had been doing this for quite some time.” Continue reading