Abandoned and Rejected

Abandoned and Rejected - Anchor Of Promise

He was abandoned and rejected. Others despised him. Many didn’t understand him. Some thought he was crazy while others thought he did things for shock value. No matter what the thought was, he wasn’t wanted.

What many didn’t know about him was how much he cared and loved little children, especially the orphaned. He cared about the widowed and the poor. He had a compassion for others that were truly hurting. He could identify with those who were called names and those considered the outcast.

He wasn’t a teenager. He was Jesus.

Tomorrow we celebrate Easter and the new life that was given to all who want it. I never really appreciated what I had until I understood all that God did for me. I wasn’t orphaned or poor. I’m not a widow. I wasn’t always in crisis, but I was very sad and alone. Nothing I tried seem to lift me out of my own despair. There wasn’t really any hope in my life.

Today however is a very different story. I’m full of hope, love and serving. Why? Because when I finally gave up and said I couldn’t do it anymore, that’s when God said He could and changed my life.

So when you reflect upon the real meaning of Easter and what Christ did on the cross for you, then you start to realize that someone else was hurting more than you, yet willing to give it all for you. Even in death He gave life. And because of that life, I can now reach out to others who are hurting and helpless and give them hope that was given to me. And I can tell you, I have seen MANY lives changed, all ages, given a new life and peace that wasn’t there before.

So take the time to ponder all that was given for you as you enjoy this Easter weekend and remember to spread the hope to others. Happy Easter!

3D and Popcorn


Sounds good to have these things for a movie, but in actuality, they are not the topic of this story.  3D and Popcorn are my two cats.  Both abandoned, one outside found by my dog Dakota at 4 weeks of age, and the other uncared for by a hoarder.

I likened them to teens and part of the family.  Both abandoned and rejected by their parents.  Some of their siblings were accepted while they were left to fend for themselves.  Popcorn whom we received at 4 weeks of age was so hungry.  Like a teenager, they are hungry too, but for love.  Popcorn practically fell over by all the sniffing her new big brothers (our two dogs) were giving her and that was their way of accepting her.  As parents and siblings, we often show love by affection but some teens are not always ready to accept that affection.  Although we loved and adored and played with Popcorn, her personality is distant and only comes to you in her time of need.  Some teens have a beginning that has been founded by abandonment and rejection and they find it very difficult to respond in the same manner we give.  Sometimes that attachment is broken and they don’t have a comprehension of why they feel that way or even how to respond in a normal way that most people do.  It is foreign and uncomfortable to them. Continue reading

Looking for Daddy

Looking For Daddy - Anchor Of Promise

He walked into my office and posed a question to me.  “What is more important?  Do I sacrifice my time with my kids so that I can have love in my life or should I sacrifice having a girlfriend/wife to love and give all my time to my kids?”

I was first of all surprised at his candor in this question since I have only known him for a little over a month.  But I could tell he was really struggling with this question.  He then pulled out a picture of his 5 year-old little girl (one of 7 children I might add) and played the audio of her desperate plea for daddy to not go away and instead stay with her.  She started to cry and said, “I miss you daddy, please don’t go daddy, I love you daddy!”  It was heartbreaking.

We got more involved in the question and about his little girl and it was obvious that he loved his little girl, but he was struggling in this decision even more because his girlfriend from another relationship wanted him in her life.  That would require him to move farther away from his little girl, therefore seeing less of her. Continue reading