No Matter the Season, God is With Us

No Matter the Season - God is With Us - Anchor of Promise

My life has been a crazy one this past year. Because I write about teens in crisis does not mean that I no longer have a teen who is struggling. In fact, as the time grows closer to adulthood, new struggles have popped up.

At times, I am weary and wonder when my almost adult child will get to her complete healing. However, there have been many more victories than difficult ones. In fact, I am so thankful for all of the big strides and hurdles my teen has overcome in the past year and a half.

Soon my teen will really be on her own with more independence and making her own trail as she blazes on through the ups and downs of life. She is so thankful for God’s presence in her life.

This brings me to this thought. Many of you are in your deepest struggles, feeling hopeless, and wondering if you’re a good enough parent. Some of you have doubted whether or not your teen will ever heal or find victory in their life.

Some of you battle your own demons in life because of stress, depression, and shame. I can tell you, YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS! Continue reading