Kim’s photo’s – Art or Porn and It’s Impact on Our Teens

Kim's Photo's - Art or Porn and It's Impact on Our Teens - Anchor Of Promise
In light of the recent exposure of Kim Kardashian, many have voiced their opinions about whether or not it was acceptable.

No one really knows why Kim Kardashian chose this step but several questions that came to mind when I thought about this unveiling is – What was the goal and message of these viral photos and how will this impact our teens?

I don’t think anyone will truly understand the complete story or goal of why the photo’s needed to be taken in the first place.

What I do know is that a message, whether or not it was purposely thought of, was sent and how are we as parents going to confront and deal with that message. From my point of view as a mother, the message I received was this: Continue reading

The Seduction of Porn on Our Kids

The Seduction of Porn On Our Kids - Anchor Of Promise
Did you know that the average age for a child to view porn for the first time is age 11? We use to believe it was only targeted for the male adults. Not anymore.

Some teens accidentally get exposed to it. For example, when I got my daughter her first phone which was an android phone, I was shocked to find how many porn apps the phone provider adds onto the phone. Yes, they give you kids games, reading options, internet use, cool tools and more, but you never expect to actually see a visual app that has half-naked couples fondling each other or a half-dressed woman in a sexual pose right there for your teen to click on. I tried to get rid of them so that she wouldn’t be exposed to them but some were too difficult to disable. Continue reading

Mom the Spy

Mom the Spy - Anchor Of Promise


“How did you find out?” was the question. My answer, “You don’t need to know!”

The last thing a parent wants to do is be a spy. But honestly, these days you have to be. Every kind of scary, horrific, brainwashing, addictive and immoral idea sits out there in the cyber space world waiting to kidnap your teen’s mind and alter their life. I don’t know about you but I’m not going to sit there and watch it happen.

My girls have gotten use to me being one up on them. It wasn’t always that way believe me. I had to teach myself what “Checking your History” meant and sad to say, actually becoming a member on sites to just find out information that I knew was going to be harmful to my kid.

I have to laugh because I once got on a site and accidentally hacked someone else’s account. I didn’t realize I had done this until it was too late and I didn’t know how to fix it. But in the end, I got what I wanted which was information of what type of stuff my kid was getting into and I wasn’t very happy. Continue reading

Teens and Sexual Addiction

Teens and Sexual Addiction - Anchor Of Promise

She was only 9 when she stripped the first time. He was only 13 when he pressured her to do it. Today’s teens are skyping or camming 24/7 and much of that time is stripping and masturbating. Nobody wants to hear it. Everyone rather deny their child could be a part of this. But the fact is, it is happening and more than you know.  Sexting! Where sexual images and texting meet.

PCs and Dreams stated in their statistics that 71 Percent of teen girls and 67% of teen guys who have taken sexually suggestive content have forwarded or posted this content to a boyfriend or girlfriend. They further state that 44 Percent of both teen girls and teen boys say it is common for sexually suggestive text messages to get shared with people other than the intended recipient.These are mostly picture sent messages/video via the cell phone. This doesn’t account for how many cam live stripping over the computer internet. Continue reading