The Growing Trend and Concern of Teen Girls in Relationships with Men


Theh Growing Trend and Concern of Teen Girls in Relationships with Men - Anchor Of Promise
In the past several years I have noticed a shift with young girls and relationships. The common plot scene in movies are groups of pre-teen girls swooning and giggling as well as staring at the “forbidden to like” high school senior who happens to walk by them giving them his smile. Not anymore.

Today, those same girls are not just being swooned and staring, but are starting to connect with older boys and men into their adulthood for that so called love relationship.

I have met and talked to quite a few girls ranging from ages 12 to 22 years-old who have dated or are secretly in a relationship with men that have an age difference spanning from 9-26 years of age.  I asked them if they could explain to me their reasons as to why they would be in a relationship with such a big age gap. Continue reading

Eating Healthy Turns Into A Lie

Have you ever heard the expression of “eating healthy” and that exercise is good for you?

Hear Jenny’s story of wanting to be healthy but surprisingly those positive words turned into lies and some serious body issues.