It’s a Scary World For Our Teens, and Us Too


Its a Scary World for Our Teens, and Us Too - Anchor Of Promise

Today, we are seeing a rise in violence and harm towards our children, pre-teens and teens.  Whether it is gun violence, physical/sexual assault, or self-inflicted harm, the younger generation is broken and hurting like never before.  

In our country, there is an increased devaluation of human life.  The sex-trade and human trafficking has crossed borders not only into our country but also in every state.  Immoral and worldly propaganda has filled their minds that right is wrong and wrong is right. Protecting our children has become a major priority among parents.  A teen in crisis raises that bar of protection because they are more vulnerable due to their shaky foundation.  

With so much uncertainty in this volatile world, our teens are also fearful.  We may believe their outrageous and risky behavior is coming from a tough interior, but this is not true.  They feel hopeless.  They think they are worthless. Their future seems bleak to them.  They feel alone.  In their minds, they don’t believe anyone loves them or cares about them.  They too, also see the world changing with not much to look forward to. Continue reading

Self Harm: It Isn’t Just Cutting!

Self-Harm: It Isn't Just Cutting - Anchor Of Promise
There is a show called, “Strange Addictions” that covers a huge gamut of self-prescribed addictive behaviors from licking the fur off of a cat and eating it, stinging yourself with bees or even sniffing/snorting moth balls. Although there were many other strange and peculiar self-harming addictions, some common factors stood out.

Many found their addiction as a way of coping with other issues in their life. Secondly, some of these types of addictions also suffered from other mental health disorders. When listening to their stories, they often mention a pivotal point in their life that triggered this issue. Continue reading

You Didn’t Birth Me!

You Didn't Birth Me - Anchor Of Promise

“I will find a way to leave. You are not my mom and dad!” she said. Listening and not responding, we let her continue. “You didn’t birth me. You don’t know how I feel. If you did, you would let me go.”

My heart broke for her that day. All I did was correct her in something she did. That is what all parents do. They correct their children and teens for many different reasons, all for the good. But this wasn’t a normal situation, and for many who have adopted or cared for foster children, they understand this.

Sitting around a table of other women at a conference last year, a parent was sharing how she had to buckle down on her daughter and really let her have it for something she did wrong. I was thinking to myself as she was talking that I could never respond to my child in the same manner. But before I even finished my thought, the woman across from her stated my exact words and she began to tell her own story.

Continue reading

Teens and Sexual Addiction

Teens and Sexual Addiction - Anchor Of Promise

She was only 9 when she stripped the first time. He was only 13 when he pressured her to do it. Today’s teens are skyping or camming 24/7 and much of that time is stripping and masturbating. Nobody wants to hear it. Everyone rather deny their child could be a part of this. But the fact is, it is happening and more than you know.  Sexting! Where sexual images and texting meet.

PCs and Dreams stated in their statistics that 71 Percent of teen girls and 67% of teen guys who have taken sexually suggestive content have forwarded or posted this content to a boyfriend or girlfriend. They further state that 44 Percent of both teen girls and teen boys say it is common for sexually suggestive text messages to get shared with people other than the intended recipient.These are mostly picture sent messages/video via the cell phone. This doesn’t account for how many cam live stripping over the computer internet. Continue reading

Walking Alone


As a parent of a teen in crisis, you often feel alone and trapped without any help or support.  But surprisingly there are many others walking alone feeling the same way. As a parent of a teen in crisis, many of us like to keep it private or a secret.  For some reason we feel shame as if we are not a good enough parent or that we are a failure as a parent.

I wanted to write this blog to encourage you. You are NOT alone.  You are NOT a failure.   There IS support out there no matter what it is that your family is going through.  I will be posting more blogs in the future on not just the different kinds of crisis’ that teens are in today, but also focus on the tough challenges it brings to us as parents and how do we rise above those challenges to help heal our teen. Continue reading