Their Addictions, Our Controlling

Their Addictions, Our Controlling - Anchor Of Promise

As a parent who not only has seen other parents with kids and addictions, I too, saw the issues first hand within my own home. Although these addictions were not to drugs or alcohol, they were still addictive behavior that had control over our daughter’s lives.

For many years I thought that if only I took more control of the situation, my kids wouldn’t be in those situations. So I fought harder to stop the addictive behavior. However, the more control I used, the more my kids were getting out of control. What was I doing wrong?

As much as we parents want to stop the addictive behavior, we can also become the empowerment of that behavior. You don’t necessarily have to have control over that specific addiction, but you can still try to control in other ways which is just as harmful.

So you may ask, “What kind of control are we talking about?” What if your teen abuses alcohol? You know for a fact that it isn’t coming from your home because you don’t provide alcohol. But let’s just say instead, you cut off all of their friends, you make them come home immediately after school, you force them to go to grandma’s house thinking they need to be around more family, or you show them tons of videos of what happens to those who drink. Continue reading