Never Good Enough – A Young Woman’s Story for Parents to Learn

Never Good Enough – A Young Woman’s Story for Parents to Learn - Anchor Of Promise

What kind of family environment did you grow up in?

I grew up in a happy, stable home environment. The town I was raised in was small and quaint. While attending the Mennonite Brethren Church with my family, my brother and I also participated in VBS, Christian Summer Camp, Youth Group, etc.

What kind of relationship did you have with God?

I accepted Jesus into my heart at age seven. I believe I knew what it meant but didn’t understand the dynamics of it. Around age eleven or so, I had many questions about God such as, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

This really affected my relationship with my “church friends” as I was “rebelling” against Mennonite culture by asking so many questions. Although others mentored and cared for me, I was already fairly lost and angry with God. My relationship with God continued this way into my young adult years.

I believed in God and wanted to believe He was good, but I never felt He loved me. The enemy also reminded me of how much I was a failure and not good enough. I know of course today that I don’t need to earn God’s love because of His mercy and grace towards me. Continue reading

Relating To Your Teen

Relating To Your Teen - Anchor Of Promise

You’re always hearing those words, “You just don’t understand!” And then you, the parent, will say in return, “In my day…” or “I remember when…”

How many of you have done this? I know I have. However, I have come to learn that although we have some similarities, there are some very large contrasts when it comes to comparing our teen years.

So, where are we when it comes to similarities? To name a few; Alcoholism, drugs, abuse, bullying, sexual promiscuity and suicide are topics that very much has crossed the borders in both of our generations. What is vastly different between the two dimensions are the societal changes and behavior from back then to today. Continue reading