A Parent’s Worst Nightmare – Mom, I’m pregnant!

A Parents Worst Nightmare - "Mom, I'm Pregnant!" - Anchor Of Promise

After the shock has worn off and you have picked yourself up off of the floor, you start to dissect what your daughter just announced.

“I’m pregnant!” she says. Your first thought is the fact that she is only 15. The next few moments are frozen in time as you try to rationally think of what needs to be done and who to call.

Sadly, I have met with new moms younger than this. As a volunteer for a crisis pregnancy center years ago, I was involved in counseling young pregnant girls. All these years later, the same scenario still exists for many parents.

My first assignment was a young petite girl of 12. She shared that no matter how much the school taught about birth control, her and her boyfriend thought that it would ruin the moment and honestly didn’t think that a baby would result from it. She had thought about placing the child for adoption but her mother laid so much guilt about losing a grandchild that she decided in the long run to keep her child.

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Looking for Daddy

Looking For Daddy - Anchor Of Promise

He walked into my office and posed a question to me.  “What is more important?  Do I sacrifice my time with my kids so that I can have love in my life or should I sacrifice having a girlfriend/wife to love and give all my time to my kids?”

I was first of all surprised at his candor in this question since I have only known him for a little over a month.  But I could tell he was really struggling with this question.  He then pulled out a picture of his 5 year-old little girl (one of 7 children I might add) and played the audio of her desperate plea for daddy to not go away and instead stay with her.  She started to cry and said, “I miss you daddy, please don’t go daddy, I love you daddy!”  It was heartbreaking.

We got more involved in the question and about his little girl and it was obvious that he loved his little girl, but he was struggling in this decision even more because his girlfriend from another relationship wanted him in her life.  That would require him to move farther away from his little girl, therefore seeing less of her. Continue reading