It Was Toxic From The Start

It Was Toxic From the Start - Anchor Of Promise
He was looking for someone to love and validate his feelings. She was looking for someone to just love her. That first conversation did them in. Everything that was said and not said between them made sense. They couldn’t live without each other. It was as if it were fate that brought them together. Or was it?

You hear it on the news, another couple of teenage lover runaways. All they wanted was to live their life and make themselves complete. They talked of marriage, family, careers, their strict parents, their friends that didn’t understand, and a society against them…. all because they loved each other.

As a parent, it can seem overwhelmingly disconcerting when your teenager confesses to a love so strong that they can’t see themselves happy without the other person or make decisions without them. Their rationalization to continue living for each other outweighs the seriousness of their relationship when it is tied up with addictive behavior that any normal person can see.

The constant texting, the long phone conversations and the neediness of each other without boundaries is something every parent should be concerned about. We are not talking about puppy love anymore. This is a Romeo and Juliet love that will lead to disaster. Continue reading