Sexting and Nude Photos – Be prepared! Your Teen May Be Involved

Sexting and Nude Photos – Be prepared! Your Teen May Be Involved - Anchor of Promise

If you haven’t heard by now, a Colorado High School is on lock down regarding sexting images of inappropriate nature which were passed throughout the school like wildfire via ghost apps (apps disguised as normal apps). The most disturbing part is that more than a few were caught. In fact, they are stating it might be at least a hundred students involved. It is now a criminal investigation, charging students with possessing and distributing child pornography

The other concern for parents is the increasing number of teens who use code to send private messages to other teens about sex. Parents are shocked at what they are finding on their teen’s phone. To make matters worse, it leaves the door open for pedophiles and porn pimps to gather this private information that could place a teen in very serious danger.

If you think this is happening only in broken homes, think again. It is happening among families of all faiths and economic status. This issue is very serious as it has been acknowledged that this form of crime is skyrocketing, not just with teens but pre-teens as well. Continue reading