The Addiction Crisis Among the Younger Generation

The moment you hear it you are stunned. The news of your well rounded, smart, career-minded child has just gone through their entire savings spent on hard drugs. How can this be?  This was the last thing you could have ever thought would happen with your child.  But it just did. 

Each week we hear of more staggering news of families with teens and young adults faced with a drug crisis. Today’s drug choice – cocaine, alcohol, club drugs, fentanyl, heroin, inhalants, opioids, and more. I’ve seen it up close and too personal.

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You Don’t Know The God I Serve!

You Don't Know The God I Serve - Anchor Of Promise

Walking into the clinic, I surveyed the group of people sitting around the room. With my resume in hand, I walked up to the glass window. As I listened to the names being called behind me, the sliding of the window interrupted my train of thought. Re-focusing, I mentioned my name to the receptionist who knew why I was there and asked me to be seated.

During the next 20 minutes of waiting for the supervisor, I began to wonder what brought these patients to this packed office.

The door opened and I was requested to come to another room. This was not a regular physician’s office I had come to learn. I had stepped into the arena of a drug treatment and alcohol rehab center. As I sat down in front of Karen, she began to thank me for coming and wanted to get to the heart of the matter of what the job responsibilities would be.

Karen continued her discussion as to why the patients came to their clinic and the programs offered. In the end, the very last sentence she gave me left me speechless. Continue reading