Is Cutting Becoming the New Anorexia of Today?

Is Cutting Becoming the New Anorexia of Today? - Anchor Of Promise


Cutting.  It is one of the fastest  growing self-harm issues of today among teens.  Many parents assume that it only happens among girls which is true to an extent, but as you look at the alarming statistics, boys also self-harm and are not too far behind.

Studies show that cutting can start as young as 7 but the average start is between the ages of 10-16.  When high school hits, girls are three times higher.  Cutting has been around for half a century or longer but it is now becoming more prevalent in our society.

So why do they cut? Each teen has different reasons for their cutting.  For some it is stress at school or at home.  It could come from bullying or personal family problems.  It can be from abandonment or psychological sufferings that they are tormented with such as abuse, incest, rape, body issues, rejection and more.  Any of these reasons can make them susceptible to self-harm but in the end, it is a form of control and coping skill. Continue reading

Walking Alone


As a parent of a teen in crisis, you often feel alone and trapped without any help or support.  But surprisingly there are many others walking alone feeling the same way. As a parent of a teen in crisis, many of us like to keep it private or a secret.  For some reason we feel shame as if we are not a good enough parent or that we are a failure as a parent.

I wanted to write this blog to encourage you. You are NOT alone.  You are NOT a failure.   There IS support out there no matter what it is that your family is going through.  I will be posting more blogs in the future on not just the different kinds of crisis’ that teens are in today, but also focus on the tough challenges it brings to us as parents and how do we rise above those challenges to help heal our teen. Continue reading