You’re Fired!

You're Fired! - Anchor Of Promise

How many times do you think you should have been fired from your job as a parent?  Your teen is out of control, getting in trouble or having a meltdown.  You step in to pull it back together but find yourself making things worse.  Maybe you added to their problems.  Maybe you gave the wrong guidance.  Maybe you weren’t there when they needed you the most.

We can beat ourselves up over and over and be left with extreme guilt, shame, and a teen in crisis like ever before.  You say to yourself the following words… Continue reading

Thy Will Be Done Lord, Thy Will Be Done


Thy Will Be Done Lord, Thy Will Be Done - Anchor of Promise

Did you reach the end of your rope in rescuing your teen?  Have you prayed or begged God to fix your child to what you thought was best for them?  Was there a time in which your teen’s life was coming together only to turn around and get redirected in the opposite direction?

I have gone through all of those situations and guess what I learned?

There was nothing that I could do.  That’s right.  I couldn’t change the circumstances.  I couldn’t figure out the plans.  I had exhausted myself from worry and fear and tried everything to no avail.

I had poured out my heart and life to God for every situation and crisis with no change as a result?

It wasn’t until I learned this secret that I understood why.  Continue reading

The Road of Silence…Or Is It?


The Road of Silence...Or Is It - Anchor of Promise

In the past six months I have had to travel.  Most of my stops have been to North Jersey.  This has given me a tremendous amount of time driving in complete silence.  

I wish my travels took me on rural country roads to digest the scenery around me.  Unfortunately, I don’t always get to pick the roads towards my destination.  Instead, it is a paved road surrounded on each side with other travelers.   Continue reading

I Just Want to Go Home!

I Just Want To Go Home - Anchor Of Promise

The most common phrase that doctors, therapists, counselors, treatment and hospital centers, officers/guards, and parents hear from a teen is, “I just want to go home.”

We begin to visualize the popular Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz clicking her heels with her eyes closed repeating, “There’s no place like home,” over and over again. We may not be living in Oz but the words spoken do tell a story. Continue reading

If You Do Not Stand Firm in Your Faith, You Will Not Stand At All


If You Do Not Stand Firm in Your Faith, You Will Not Stand At All - Anchor Of Promise

I have been on hiatus in the past month or so because life has a way of bringing twists and turns that distract and prevent you from moving forward.  These twists and turns are often a testing of our faith as we travel in our Christian walk.

This past year, my husband has been ill.  He suffered two strokes, affected by Lyme’s and now has an autoimmune disorder that it causing havoc and pain.  The economy also has affected our finances which came to a blow in which we were about to lose our home and business.  Then add to this trial, our youngest adult struggled with another serious crisis.

However, in all of this, many things unfolded in which we saw the hand of God in ways we never imagined. Continue reading