Judges and Attorneys and Courtrooms, Oh My!

Judges and Attorneys and Courtrooms, Oh My! - Anchor of Promise

So your teen is facing a felony, a speeding ticket, a drug offense or some other matter before the court.  As a parent, this is your first time having to think about lawyers and judges with possible fines and jail.  Your fear and anger is running rampant because your teen’s risky behavior or crisis led them to this point. How on earth does a parent deal with this type of dilemma?

For many parents, we see court rooms on television shows or in movies in which the prosecutor or the defense attorney has the victory.  While watching, you see a judge give a slam of the hammer of punishment or extend mercy.

Back to reality, you look at the court date on your calendar and wonder what the end result will be for your teen?

If you’ve never been to court before, thoughts of going is scary.  Wild images run through your head of a screaming handcuffed teen being swept away by officers. It’s not just any teen, it’s your teen. Continue reading