I Don’t Love My Child Anymore She Said – Or Does She?

I Don't Love My Child Anymore She Said - Or Does She? - Anchor Of Promise
When parents with teens in crisis get overwhelmed with no hope, they start a process within them to protect their heart. It is called, “Detachment”. For many parents, this is not something willingly expressed but instead suppressed. If you think about it, how many moms and dads with teens in crisis are willing to openly share their true feelings as a parent?

While many do not want to talk about it, they often want to run away from it. For some, the fear of news that their teen overdosed on drugs, cut themselves so much that they ended up in the hospital or ran off with a total stranger can be very distressing.

In the meantime, those parents who are weary and tired are also vulnerable to that detachment. In their mind, they find that it is easier to distant themselves from their struggling teen as a way to cope with the everyday problems that continue without any let-up. Continue reading