Twelve Year Olds – Sex Earlier and Rougher

Twelve Year Olds - Sex Earlier and Rougher - Anchor of Promise

I came across this article and sadly what I read is very true.  Having seen and heard this personally, 12 years is most likely the average range for exposure. But I believe that, even as young as 9-10 years old, girls are being peer pressured to the point that they fall into the traps of low self-esteem, body issues, porn, eating disorders and more.

If we as parents do not actively get involved in our daughter’s lives, they will lead a life of chaos, crisis and disaster.  Parents cannot sit idly by and think that their daughter has not been exposed to this pressure.

Grace (not her real name) started at the age of 9 when a boy made fun of her legs because she did not shave them.  One comment.  One opinion.  It rocked that little girl’s world and altered her life forever.

It could be the very essence of why your young teen is struggling with the issues that they have.  Take the time to read this so that you can be informed and quickly intervene to rescue your pre-teen from more harm.

12 Year Olds – Sex Rougher and Earlier





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